Sometimes, it’s hard to picture what – or who – a scientist is. Typically, we’re clumped together in a vague, detached sort of way, often referred to as a collective group without any hint of individualism. Our quotes in news reports are faceless and unified, and if there’s space for a few personal details, they’re usually restricted to an impartial list of our qualifications and where we’re currently employed.

But there’s a lot more to us than qualifications and science. And we do more than just work in a lab. We have passions and dreams, morals and beliefs, and come from every culture and background. Come to think of it, we’re just a bunch of humans, and that makes our science very human too.

VERVE is an outlet for our stories and opinions, and a little bit of our science as well. It was founded by Greer Arthur, and this is her face:


If you’d like to contribute to VERVE, either by writing an article or being interviewed because you’ve got something you want to say, get in touch with Greer by emailing her at greer.arthur@hotmail.co.uk.